Errata – found errors, which will be corrected soon.

Sorry for not being able to update my Zappa catalog promptly. I shall however publish a corrected and added version (with Hot Rats Session, which I have waited for so much) before summer 2020. It will be version 2.0 right away because of so many new entries.

All found errors will be first revealed here and the main catalog is corrected some time later.

  • The B flat piano sonata by Mozart that Ian Underwood is playing in Mozart Ballet, is knot K 570 (composed 1789)  but K 315c=333, which was composed 1783-1784.

In addition to clear errors, misprints and misunderstandings I shall list here also new entries for the next version.

  • It Came From The Basement, Vol. 1-3. – This is something I just forgot to mention. In July 2000 ”Bill” (billf_spamfree) posted information about three new ZFT titles entitled ”It Came From The Basement” ( The ”news” were very credible looking, but, alas just the imagination of ”Bill F.”. The ”unreleased titles” included ones like ”The Fucked-Up Drummer Boy”, ”The Portuguese Love Rim”, ”Who Said a Rock Band Can’t Play Funk Music?” and ””Put Her On a Lazy Susan and Spin”.