Errata – found errors, which will be corrected soon.

All found errors will be first revealed here and the main catalog is corrected some time later.

  • The B flat piano sonata by Mozart that Ian Underwood is playing in Mozart Ballet, is knot K 570 (composed 1789)  but K 315c=333, which was composed 1783-1784.

In addition to clear errors, misprints and misunderstandings I shall list here also new entries for the next version.

  • It Came From The Basement, Vol. 1-3. – This is something I just forgot to mention. In July 2000 ”Bill” (billf_spamfree) posted information about three new ZFT titles entitled ”It Came From The Basement” ( The ”news” were very credible looking, but, alas just the imagination of ”Bill F.”. The ”unreleased titles” included ones like ”The Fucked-Up Drummer Boy”, ”The Portuguese Love Rim”, ”Who Said a Rock Band Can’t Play Funk Music?” and ””Put Her On a Lazy Susan and Spin”.