. . . . . Compositions by Frank Zappa . . . . .


Compositions by Frank Zappa 

Text by Heikki Poroila

Front cover painting by Eevariitta Poroila

All other drawings by Marko Nakari

Honkakirja  ISBN 978-952-68711-2-7

Version: 2.0 (July 10, 2020)

!!! This book is no more up-to-date, the replacing publication is N-LITE : THE COMPOSITIONS BY FRANK ZAPPA (Honkakirja 2022). You can buy the book (30 € plus shipping costs, orders to heikki.poroila@gmail.com), the free PDF version will be available some time in the future, but not very soon (because of the other projects and because there still are copies of the printed book available). !!!

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Drawings by Marko Nakari